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  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    Simply the most fun I've had in the cinema since a Geek Night screening of Flash Gordon last year. Joyous!

  • The Great Mouse Detective

    The Great Mouse Detective


    Great wee film, and a brilliant introduction tae Sherlock Holmes fir wee yins.

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  • Enemy Territory

    Enemy Territory


    The last of my vhs blowout, and whit a fitting final film. A stupid insurance salesman gets caught in a Harlem tower block after dark, in the 80′s! Disaster! He will probably get body-popped tae death. He has tae survive the night, wi help fae Ray Parker Jr and Jan Michael Vincent. The local gang ‘The Vampires’ are shifty types. It’s no’ The Raid, but its fun, in a cheesy way.

  • Maniac



    Elijah Wood plays ‘Frank’, he’s a maniac. He kills ladies, hangs aboot wi mannequins, scrubs his hands wi steel wool, obsesses aboot his maw while talking tae himself. As I said he’s a maniac, that’s classic maniac beheavior. It’s a remake of an 80′s horror, and had the same nasty feel the original has. Wood is great, the films unsettling. Some really uncomfortable and brutal scenes of violence too. It’s a film I endured rather than enjoyed. Although it also has lots of that really annoying ‘first person’ camera work that made it fell a bit like Peep Show goes Pyscho.