Mulholland Drive

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Am I supposed to attempt a review of this movie after one viewing?

I really don't have much to say about this one, and its the first time I've watched this type of film with that kind of sentiment in mind directly after finishing it. I almost want to save any and all thoughts for a second viewing because otherwise my review will be pretty much the same as everyone else.

I also don't want to watch analysis videos/interpretive content regarding Mulholland Drive because I kind of want to try and figure this one out myself for once. And yes, I'm aware that "figuring it out" isn't really what's going to happen. I'll probably come up with my theory on what happened, and it will be pretty similar to other theories out there. To be real though, I'm so glad I watched this; its kind of inspired me to think outside the box a bit for films like this instead of turning to analysis videos/articles as soon as something becomes challenging. It would be beneficial for me to come up with my own opinion because that's kind of what makes puzzles like this fun!

I will say the last 20 minutes or so I started laughing a lot. Everything turned insane really quick and reminded me that watching movies (especially Lynch) can be both entertaining and thought-provoking. It's been a heck of a night. Silencio.

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