My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★

Charming, heartfelt, funny and even sad at times, My Neighbor Totoro exemplifies genuine artistry found within cinema, specifically animation. This is what can happen when everyone involved is on board with the story, the imagination and the ideas, and nobody holds back from making this product what it is -- memorable! I can only imagine having full creative freedom can result in such a genuine film.. or in Miyazaki's case, films.

This is only the second film of Miyazakis that I've even seen, and I'm already in love with the way he presents his films. He puts complex emotions in laymans terms for a very broad audience, which I appreciate so much. Kids and adults alike can watch these films and receive the same amount of enjoyment from them because of how imaginative they are. Even a happy film like this can bring up the subject of death in a manner that isn't forced or offputting -- in fact it adds a lot more depth than what I was expecting, but in a good way.

Joe Hisashi's score is just so great. Him and Miyazaki are the most dangerous tag-team in cinema considering what they can accomplish together. They create a fantastic sense of emotion through their story, music and characters. I'm very excited to check out more Studio Ghibli films, because I'm only scratching the surface.

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