One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ★★★★★

I haven't really been this invested in a movie for a long time. I've enjoyed plenty of movies recently, yes, but this one hit different. I think it's just so well-made to the point where it really doesn't feel so much like a movie, but rather a gaze into another world that I wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else. And what else can you really ask for when you're sitting down to watch a movie? The phrase "I laughed and cried" is kind of cheesy I think, but uhh.. it almost happened to me on this viewing lol. Didn't quite cry, but got close enough. And I laughed a ton during some of the beginning scenes.

I enjoyed every element of this movie from the tranquil title screen to the impactful ending. This kind of starts out as a comedy, and I found I wasn't so much laughing at the characters, but with them. The characters feel like real people since the acting in here is just phenomenal from everyone. Everyone feels so natural, and I couldn't keep myself from smiling every 5 seconds just from how well-crafted the characters and their relationships are to one another. Nicholson is fantastic as always, and he was definitely the right choice for this role. Soon enough, this transforms into something wild and somewhat tragic. I've noticed when movies can do that well (Parasite comes to mind), you'll probably be watching something incredible.

Like all good movies, this one gives you a lot to think about. Power. Rehabilitation. Psyche. Everything in between. I wasn't too sure in the beginning about Nicholson's character - was I supposed to root for this asshole? Alas, by the time he took all the patients out on a boat ride, I knew that I wanted to root for him. McMurphy gives them more experiences and shows them how to feel alive more than they'd ever know locked up in an asylum, while at the same time, Nurse Ratched is just doing her job. Overtime, you learn certain things about the characters, and the movie rapidly changes pace by the end. It's a pretty conflicting dynamic between the protagonist and the antagonist, which is what I think makes this movie stand out. It takes a human approach to what could've been a stale, standard plot, gives it a life and helps it shine.

I was very happy with this one. It's one of those movies that is technically extremely well-made, and I also enjoyed it immensely. Put those two ingredients together at max potency, and you've got a 5/5 film folks. Time to pick up the book now.

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