Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★½

Equality. What exactly does that mean? When is someone considered "even" with the inferior in their eyes? Are some things just meant to never work out?

These are a few questions I had to ask myself watching this, because this movie is simple in its premise but it digs deep into the complexities revolving around us human beings. We're certainly not perfect. We inflict pain on others all the time, sometimes involuntarily. Sometimes intentionally. It's interesting seeing how White plays out and how we as humans envision equality, which may mean 100 different things to 100 different people.

I liked this one a bit better than Blue, it felt like something I could connect to and delve into more. While Blue had the superior cinematography (White is a bit forgettable in terms of camerawork), I thought this was a very interesting way to tackle a subject like equality, something not primarily explored in many other films I've seen.

The acting is great! None of these performances are demanding a ton from these actors, but they manage to raise the stakes and keep me invested by making smart choices with their characters consistently. Not to mention the well-done script which gives the actors room to do some really good work. I quite enjoyed this film, and I'm looking forward to the final installment in the TC trilogy.

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