I Was Born, But...

I Was Born, But... ★★★★★

I gotta say, these kids are lookin pretty snazzy in their ballcaps, wool sweaters, capri shorts and sandals outfits, far better than when we were their age cavorting around in our ragamuffin baggy t-shirts and jeans. This is pristine quirk; I laughed often and spiritedly while learning about power struggles of the bullying chain of command going all the way to the top (it's all just one big syndicate, man) to conversely jaunty stride piano music (I move that future re-releases also include this on the soundtrack). A totally universal and timeless film with so many moments relatable to my childhood despite being released 90 years ago on the other side of the world: oblivious/embarrassing parents asking about school and you stoically bypass the question ("We only like the walk there and back.") as school is simply an unfortunate nonissue unworthy of discussion, or eating your lunch before actual lunchtime, defending a sibling in a playground against a munchkin gang, finding weird junk on the ground and acting like it's valuable, arguing about the most pointless nonsense ("Are zebras black on white or white on black?"). I was struck by how Americana this was—well into Japan's period of Westernization and the incursion of the bunka jyutaku (their front lawn has a white picket fence, doghouse, a passing train and palmetto!), everything here could have taken place in our 50's suburbia. The rare and elusive enjoyable Criterion film.

Watched this with the collab.