Mirage ★★★★★

I realize that my rating might seem a little generous, but allow me to enumerate my reasons:

1. I love anything with an alienated and scenic desert *~'a e s t h e t i c'~*
2. The characters sound like they're in a Californians sketch in slow motion.
3. The dialogue is ridiculous and really fucking funny. The way they angrily and inconsequentially scream expletives at the killer is worth the price of admission alone.
4. The soundtrack has a lot of good 80's post-punk, including three songs by the Minutemen. There's also incongruously relaxing folk music played during intense action scenes.
5. The way they capture the dreamlike surreality of being lost in the desert and having heat visions is actually quite eerie and well-done. The movie lives up to its title well.
6. The killer is hilarious, makes absolutely no sense, and has to be seen to be believed. Almost all of his shouted awkward lines are comedy gold.
7. The ending is also pretty weird and scary.
8. There's some kind of hallucinatory message here about mental realities breaking down and unawareness of who you can know or trust. This might be communicated somewhat haphazardly in the narrative sense, but is expressed perfectly in the images. Almost as if you're having.......a vision!

Overall, an incredibly strange and entertaining slasher with a very interesting visual approach and good soundtrack. Highly recommended, but only if you're a nutcase like me who's into this kind of thing.

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