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This review may contain spoilers.

The opening twenty minutes of Thor: Ragnorok are wonderful. A wise-cracking God of Thunder decimates a giant flame dude, Karl Urban gets covered in dragon blood, Anthony Hopkins does a fantastic camp Tom Hiddleston impression, Sam Neil shows up, Doctor Strange shows up, sight gags and mouth gags abound, they jolly over to Norway and then Odin dies. It's breathtaking, hilarious, and signals the era of a new cinematic voice taking on the clichés of the MCU. Then the villain shows up and we're back to square one. Ragnorok is frequently very funny, has some dynamic action and some decent character development but it ultimately stumbles into the pitfalls that plagued Marvel in their early days. It seemed that maybe with Guardians 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel had gotten over these issues but alas, they clearly haven't. That said I always have time for Taika Waititi's style of humour and the cast look like they had a blast so that's nice for them. I also am a big fan of a one-eyed, short-haired Thor so that'll be fun in the future.