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This review may contain spoilers.

Old is a bit messy, sure--but it's the perfect kind of messy. It's a film unafraid to take bold swings, from occasional semi-experimental framing to uncomfortably placed moments of humour; audiences have begun to think this a "so bad it's good" kind of movie; while I disagree and believe the choices here are intentional and well-utilized. I wouldn't say this film is ever confused about what it wants to be; it's pretty confident, but it's like the film is going for a mix of Twilight-Zone sci-fi and B-Movie tendencies that breaks a lot of normal filming conventions, which probably won't play completely to a lot of audiences.

M Night has a cameo as a tour guide that leads them to their demise. There is a rapper character named "Mid-Size Sedan." A character begins losing his mind while trying to remember a movie. Even when there's humour in this film, it's usually uncomfortable. It's less of a release and instead another flavour to add to the disturbing nature.

Old is terrifying, half in what it shows us, but more because of what will inevitably happen. The hope in this movie is sucked dry as it continues; even as they begin to look for exits, your only thoughts are, "what life is left?" It shows you characters you both will understand to die, and it still hurts when they do, which is saying something for a horror film. Old isn't showing you gross-out shit--it wants you to think on your mortality. It plays bluntly and simply but effective; you witness the effects of time as it destroys the character's brains, bodies, and relationships, but Shymalan is mature enough to let characters reflect on what they've taken for granted, their regrets, and shows that there's still enough time to fix and escape the wounds of our past.

(People think this film is a lockdown metaphor, which, to some extent, yeah, I'm sure those feelings seeped in. But wtf would the implication of the ending be then?😳)

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