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  • Sex Rituals of the Occult

    Sex Rituals of the Occult

    Made in the style of the "white coater"/sex education film, Sex Rituals of the Occult sets itself up as a staged documentary on the theme of occultism, witchcraft and black magic, bookended by a narrarator who is supposed to be some kind of scholar on the subject. In the beginning he even states "Because of my research on the subject, the makers of this motion picture have asked me to assist them as technical advisor" - Yeeah, right...

    Most of…

  • Disco Godfather

    Disco Godfather


    I really enjoy long dance sequences in movies, it doesn’t matter if it’s the beautifully surreal number in the red shoes or the cheesy disco dancing scene in prom night, I dig them equally! I also love disco and here you get dancing and disco in spades, together with a lot of fist fights courtesy of the titular disco godfather while he’s trying to bust a drug ring responsible for his nephew’s bad PCP trip. A strange combination of action…

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  • Winterbeast



    What a wild, wonderful, mess of a movie this was! Since the summer warmth finally arrived in Sweden it felt suitable to watch a movie called Winterbeast, even though it unfortunately lacks the wintery vibe you would assume from the artwork (you still get some nice cramped wood paneled lodges with the wind howling outside though). What it doesn't lack are bizarre monster effects and a woozy synth soundtrack! Right from the start the tone is set with some kind…

  • Science Crazed

    Science Crazed

    Just when you think you have gotten jaded when it comes to strange no-budget movies something like Science Crazed comes your way and you start to question your sanity for binge watching this stuff.

    This movie interested me since it's one of very few (to my knowledge three) releases by distributor TriWorld. One of the other releases from their catalogue happens to be "Things" which is probably my all time favorite when it comes to this particular brand of no-fi…