Science Crazed

Just when you think you have gotten jaded when it comes to strange no-budget movies something like Science Crazed comes your way and you start to question your sanity for binge watching this stuff.

This movie interested me since it's one of very few (to my knowledge three) releases by distributor TriWorld. One of the other releases from their catalogue happens to be "Things" which is probably my all time favorite when it comes to this particular brand of no-fi strangeness. I can't thank whoever was behind TriWorld enough for their decision to unleash these beasts upon the world!

Science Crazed is obviously heavily influenced by the Frankenstein story, a scientist, Dr Frank (get it?) from the Shelley Institute (get it, get it?) injects a woman with some kind of liquid and she gives birth to a mutated baby who quickly grows up and wreaks havoc in... well I'm not exactly sure where they are and I watched the damn thing 12 hours ago. It doesn't take long for the monster to kill his "maker" and a sullen cop, who acts like he’s in a 40's noir movie and two of Dr Frank's associates now needs to stop the rampage.

To say Science Crazed is an endurance test would be an understatement, the pacing is unbelievably slow and every scene is drawn out to such an absurd degree that I'm wondering if it was a deliberate artistic choice rather than just an attempt to pad out the running time to feature length. At the same time there is something so incredibly off with the atmosphere and the way the characters act that it leaves you completely mesmerized.

After sleeping on it I'm still not entirely sure what I thought about it, but it's undeniably a unique experience and I already feel a strange urge to give it another watch. Make of that what you will!