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  • Hereditary



    It’s 1:30am as I type this and tears are trickling down my face...

    To say the least, Hereditary is the most personal film I’ve ever seen. Cathartic, a true purging of my own personal demons and a cleansing

    I was the black sheep since day one. Doomed to be my parents failed science experiment. Even through all my OWN personal struggles, I can’t help but to think my parents passed down their anxiety, their overthinking, their need to feel accepted…

  • The Return of Swamp Thing

    The Return of Swamp Thing


    Monday morning. Hot chocolate in hand. Girlfriend and cat snoring next to me. Swamp Thing gives me the thumbs up and everything is all right. Starting my day off with a smile.

    My heart is warm.


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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Quite possibly the most hopeless and nihilistic film I’ve seen. One of the all time greats.
    “Courage is the solution to despair, reason provides no answers. I can't know what the future will bring; we have to choose despite uncertainty. Wisdom is holding two contradictory truths in our mind, simultaneously, hope and despair. A life without despair is a life without hope...”

  • The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat


    The humor in this so beyond meta and ahead of its time. Loved it when I was younger and it’s just as funny now. 


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  • Hereditary



    Believe the hype.

    Going into this, I was very hopeful. With all the praise and festival hype it got, it skyrocketed to my most anticipated release of the year. People are calling it a defining piece of horror cinema and a masterpiece of the genre. I would have to agree. 

    Horror is a subjective matter. What may scare you, may not scare the next person. But to me, it takes a certain something to actually SCARE me. This is a…

  • Mandy



    A neon, blood splattered, cocaine filled, Cage Rage ride right into the heart of Hell. A daring, uncompromising fever dream come to life. Yet again Panos proves to be a virtuoso of viscera and violet colored hallucinations. A heavy metal acid trip to its fullest extent.

    When I die
    Bury me deep
    Lay two speakers at my feet
    Wrap some headphones 
    Around my head
    And rock and roll me.