Await Further Instructions

Holy shit. This movie is so crazy I almost respect it. Almost. This movie starts as a really shitty British Get Out, except it handles its racial politics with all the subtlety of sledgehammer. It's like if Daniel Kaluuya had walked into Allison William's family's home and they were all wearing KKK outfits. The performances are passable at best, but I don't even think Laurence Olivier could get through some of this dialogue. Its jaw-clenching. The actual premise of the film is actually pretty intriguing, and had the potential to set up some pretty intense psychological mind-benders and characters triple-guessing their beliefs.

Williams just doesn't seem to know what to do with his premise, however. The story dissolves into a strange family power-struggle, with the father character slipping into the role of villain disturbingly easily. How shit of a person do you have to be to start torturing your son, no questions asked, after less than 12 hours? What does he even think his son will tell him? Why would his son be a sleeper agent but put himself in the death house? How does any of this make any sense? The film barrels through, clashing into vague themes like an elephant in a china shop - racism, terrorism, vaccinations?, fathers-son relationships, religion, compliance, media- it's all here.

And then the turn the film takes at the end just left my head spinning. I did not expect to see Cronenbergian body horror - it's actually so crazy that it verges on fun.