Midsommar ★★★★★

God where do i even begin with,for starters let’s say that I’ve always been amazed by Ari Aster’s works. I was so thrilled to watch this,my most anticipated film of the year after Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and it was so worth the wait. I mean...The way he transitions something so personal,like human experiences,trauma,grief and accommodate them into A class horror films in such a transcendent and unique way is just magnificent.
This was perfectly shot,with such a stunning cinematography I’m literally in love with the way every image is just flawless,the score is so beautiful,haunting,and of course the performances not only by the lead cast but by everyone and especially,the woman of the hour, Florence Pugh who gave such a magnetic performance emotional and vulnerable and raw & it was just amazing,one of the best performances the horror genre has ever seen without doubt.
Ari’s direction and writing really shined throughout the entire film,something worth mentioning is how everything that took place was foreshadowed in previous scenes,i really loved that he paid attention to every small detail,the disturbing shots etc. and last but not least,the final scene which indicates the underlying message of the narrative is undeniably the most appropriate conclusion to this emotional roller coaster. 
Not to procrastinate even more,but this was everything I’ve been waiting for,and i can’t wait to rewatch it to notice further more details,one of the highlights of this year & definitely one of the best horror films of this decade.

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