Midsommar ★★★★★

This is my favorite film of the year,it includes everything I am so obsessed with when it comes to cinema,from the flawless visuals & camera work to the disturbing images,talking about the storyline,it becomes even more evocative & memorable that sticks to your brain and you grow into sympathizing with and also relating to Florence Pugh’s character much more than before. All of the performances are amazing,I also love the production design so much there’s literally nothing that I would change about this movie it has no flaws whatsoever. Dani’s journey and character arc could not be more perfectly narrated by Ari Aster there’s a start,a finish and a part between these two phases,it’s like an entire experience. I get why some people may find it difficult to follow or not that innovative but everyone’s perception of a movie is very different. This one might be my new comfort movie and certainly one of my favorite films of all time I seriously can not wait for Ari’s next project so far it’s a 2/2!

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