I love cinema but not so much like I love my baby daughter and my husband <3!

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  • The 400 Blows
  • Drive
  • Your Name.
  • The Tenants

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  • The Best Things in the World


  • The Mess You Leave Behind


  • L'Avventura

  • Eduardo and Monica


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  • The Best Things in the World

    The Best Things in the World


    Last night, I remembered to see if there was a version sung by Mano (main character of this movie) of The Beatles song "Something". I couldn't find it, but when I heard another song from the movie's soundtrack, I had an absurd desire to revisit "As melhores coisas do mundo"!
    So it was, I've just rewatched this movie, and damn, what a nice feeling!
    Mano's character is one of the most interesting personal growth teen characters I've seen in movies!…

  • The Mess You Leave Behind

    The Mess You Leave Behind


    The first two episodes didn't get me, but as the story unfolds, the series becomes more captivating.
    It has some tense, revolting and even disturbing moments, as well as other sad/exciting moments.
    In fact, the mix between Viruca and Raquel's characters is well done, starting with the story of one of them seems more interesting, but as the series progresses, it becomes the opposite.

    Note: I loved many of Viruca's outfits!

Popular reviews

  • Hotarubi no Mori e

    Hotarubi no Mori e


    Have you ever fallen in love in your childhood?
    If so, this movie will deeply touch your soul!
    There are movies about love and there are movies that sounds like poetry for your soul.
    This animated movie is the second one case.
    I would love that there were more movies to do justice to love like this animation can do.

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Exciting, shocking, manipulative, frightening and visceral!
    Ex Machina is a film with brilliant performances, with a superb direction and with a very original script.
    The film's plot holds the viewer throughout their viewing.
    Usually, I'm not a sci-fi fan, but this movie is so much more than a sci-fi film.
    Ex Machina discusses how scary can be the technological advances and how the human specie can fall into this trap.
    This movie made ​​me really frighted and thinking how we humans are really vulnerable and easily manipulated.
    A film that I'll never forget for sure...