Contempt ★★★★

Beautiful cinematrography, sublime direction, very original introduction with narration of the credits instead of appearing written, dialogues very well constructed and of immense complexity, very interesting metalanguage.
After all, we are facing one of the great masters of novelle vague.
The relationship between Paul and Camille is so toxic and disrespectful that it makes you want to curse them most of the time.
Incredible how a beautiful woman like BB ended up losing beauty as the film went on due to her character's personality, completely fickle and incoherent. This is because I'm being nice because my desire was to say even bipolar ... She looks bipolar and her husband looks a loose / coward.
I believe that if these actors gave me all this rage it is because they performed their performances very well and that is what matters.
It's a movie to make us uncomfortable and angry, not a movie to make us feel good