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  • Weird Science

    Weird Science


    3/10 ... Why ? What? ... More or less absolute garbage! Two teens that can't act worth of sh*t. I don't think I ever seen worse "drunk acting" before or after. And the comedy part, we are supposed to laugh at blonde guys drunk voice? Or when driving, the girl says "watch out for the red light" and one of the guys fall upside down in the car? People in a photograph starts to dance? F**k off!

  • American Animals

    American Animals


    9/10 ... just amazing! I’m a sucker for true story movies and this is the real deal. Mixing the movie with short interviews with the real persons is simply genious. A must watch for anyone into heist or true story movies.

  • Thoroughbreds



    5/10 ... I don’t like horses!

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    9/10 ... I just love this movie, but you have to be up for a slow burn. It has great atmosphere and a creepy feeling hanging over it the whole time. There's also something about movies that's supposed to be taking place in the olden days that makes religious themes feel more authentic. I will definetly follow what director Robert Eggers do in the future.VISIT ME:

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    6/10 ... So chapter two, this one was kind of boring, maybe not boring but they could have made it about 1 hour shorter. I really enjoy movies with a long playing time, but this felt very drawn out. Bill Skarsgård as the clown and Bill Hader as Richie is the best parts.


  • It



    9/10 ... I don’t even remember the 1990 version, not more than that I was disappointed when I watched it the first time. But this one is really, really good and Bill Skarsgård is awesome as the clown. 


  • John Adams

    John Adams


    9/10 ... Fantastic mini-series about early America and its road to becoming an independent (from U.K) country and we get to follow the facinating life of John Adams, played by the awesome Paul Giamatti. As his wife Abigail we see one of my favourite actress, Laura Linney.


  • Just Before Dawn

    Just Before Dawn


    6/10 ... Great slasher well known in the horror community, but not among the mainstream. Machete wielding maniac goes nuts on some visitors in the forest.


  • Sweet Sugar

    Sweet Sugar

    4/10 ... As always, Vinegar Syndrome have made an excellent job with the transfer of this one. But the movie in itself is boring as s**t. If you are making an exploitation movie you got to at least have a few outrageous plot twist and some nudity. Why otherwise bother.


  • Reform School Girls

    Reform School Girls


    7/10 ... Here we have a real exploitation movie under the subgenre Women in Prison. Jenny is sent to a women's reform school. It is run by evil warden and her henchwoman. Nudity and plot holes bigger than Mount Everest. For example, when they get into jail they get strip searched and are not allowed to have any personal belongings, cut to inside one of the dorms and here everyone have their own lingerie and high boots 😂. Sybil Danning and Wendy o Williams are the most noteable faces.


  • The Room

    The Room


    6/10 ... I liked this one. After about 1 hour it felt that I already know how it would end and I almost switched it off but I kept watching it. And we get some twists and turns in the third act so in the end I think it's above average. I'm a sucker for creepy kids so that was probably what kept me going.


  • Young & Beautiful

    Young & Beautiful


    9/10 ... Fantastic erotic adventure of a young girl going into the world of prostitution, not the gross street corner type, where a money hungry pimp is controlling the girls. But on her terms. It’s both fascinating and kind of mysterious since the question ”why” is ever present. Isabelle’s whole character is an enigma, and to watch her transformation from insecure to a self confident young woman is a pleasure to behold.