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  • 7 Women

    7 Women


    John Ford's neglected farewell from movies needs much more appreciation from the public. Anne Bancroft's performance goes directly to one of the best of the director's body of work.

    Watched in a slightly damaged 35mm print, presumedly from before the portuguese 1974 revolution (because all the lines with references to sex or atheism weren't subtitled, a common practice from the censorship of the fascist regime we had for almost 50 years).

  • Fletch



    I never was a big Chevy Chase fan, but I admit that Fletch has really something special. It totally deserves the cult folowing, for the remarkable quotes and a bunch of good performances.

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  • Rhapsody in August

    Rhapsody in August


    Life didn't prepare me to see Richard Gere in a Kurosawa film.

  • Clerks



    Hey, I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule.

    Clerks is the ultimate indie film, both in what the movie is and how it was made. Is an example for the 21st century, where many critics are mistaking “indie” with “hipster” or “artsy”, when many of those so-call indie films are made with a normal buget and with all the best conditions possible. What I admire the most about Kevin Smith’s debut feature…