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  • Suspiria



    Re-watched Synapse's 2017 redo side-by-side with Anchor Bay's THX 2001 original disc for the purposes of really plugging into how each transfer did the colors. And, I don't know if everyone has been informed of this, but... Well, to get the blues to look as amazing as they do, the reds have taken a noticeable turn for the beet-tinged pink. Especially in the scene of Suzy and Sara whispering about the Directress's snoring. I didn't necessarily assume before I heard…

  • Halloween



    Welcome to the review I was hoping I'd never have to write. (This is nothing like my inability to review The Conjuring- the problem there is that I don't really think words are accurate to describe how I felt watching that film. Everyone who sees it knows it's obnoxious, brainless, pandering, crude, artless, and incredibly annoying at best. Some people simply aren't bothered by that. I am.)

    My relationship with Rob Zombie's films has been in a reparative stage for…

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  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    This review was written in 2011, I believe:

    How many times is a rip-off able to surpass the thing it owes its' existence to? Only two films come to mind (Piranha is the other). Friday the 13th had great pieces but really didn't come together to be the best it could be (though it's still a personal favorite and always will be). Sleepaway Camp aims lower but nonetheless passes with Sleaze Honors. In the arena of so-bad-it's-good horror movies -…

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    #63 in my 99 90's Movies month.

    Excitement and danger come first, characters come second. Which is totally okay in Spielbergia. Though those kids are incredibly annoying at times. ("Vegiesaurus! Meatasaurus!" ...Really, movie?) And some of the drama is pretty seriously forced down your throat (Laura Dern before eating the ice cream, Attenborough's super-scream on the telephone, Jeff Goldblum... in general, that kid and the tree climbing, and the fence jumping). But it is exciting and it never did skimp on the danger, did it? Holds up surprisingly well. I probably never enjoyed it this much.