Aliens ★★★★

Film #7 in my 2019 Hoop-tober, Part VI, with festively longer novelty title.

Watched the extended version, which was not labeled "Director's Cut" at all. I checked the theatrical version as closely as I could knowing my player is touchy when I skip all over the place, and it looks like among the missing pieces in the theatrical cut are the introduction to Newt through meeting her family, which we hella didn't need, as well as some bullshit about Ripley having a daughter. Being like an excuse for her to "latch on" to Newt. Another thing that feels super Not a Good Idea. Maybe condescending. Did they have Sam Neill see himself as the kids' surrogate father in Jurassic Park? So, why would that change for a character like Ripley? (As though I didn't already know Hollywood's degrading answer.)

Not sure what else is added/dropped. There is still well over 10 minutes difference.

Meanwhile, Fox's sticking both 2+ hour cuts onto one DVD makes the prints look VHS quality at best. I was surprised by how much that elevated this viewing. I hate to say it, but after a VHS watching of a movie- you really felt 20x better than after something more digital. The movie / show just got more inside you somehow.

(Don't read anything unintended into that above statement, given the subject matter of this film.)

Why was Cameron so in love with Michael Biehn? This is the 2nd sci-fi action thriller he made with Biehn given the most heavy lifting for any of the male cast members. He's boring. Why feed Bill Paxton and 2 vastly hotter black actors to the fire to up the bodycount when I'd rather see any of these characters survive?

I'm just going to say it: this movie is racist. Not even going to go into Janette Goldstein and her character. It's racist without that added baggage. It's still a great movie. But it's racist.

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