Barbarella ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Oh, my. Does this ever get heavy and ugly (the labyrinth scenes drag everything down) Yes, I've seen it before (it played on a constant loop everytime I visited my grandparents - on my father's side - in 1994, '95). I was digging it until Hairy Manmanman showed up (the guy who saved her from the dolls) and the movie played him and his "savage" / old-fashioned Earthly ways like the greatest Gift to All Women. Of course, most of the women in this are nasty, mean-spirited, devious, etc. And, the final Superior Evil is still up for grabs between the sexes. I'd say Great Tyrant has the edge over Durand Durand for killing everyone except Pygar and Barbarella. Which I don't mind- this movie wants compelling villains and in such a Fashion-ruled universe, these ones kind of are. And the scenes of Barbarella sleeping with different men seem like a bit of a challenge to the swingin' 60's concept of peace as an ideal- exactly who says that the Better men are the ones who aren't from a Pacified Earth? But, then, there's Pygar. He's the reason I'm rating this perhaps higher than it deserves. He. Just. Wins.

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