Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★

Introductory Addendum: Nica... what a name. Reminds me of the single most forgotten song in recent history. It's all I could think about for a solid 15 minutes of this. (I got up a couple times to make food. Don't judge.)

At this point, these films can't be celebrated for killing or screwing over literally every character who isn't Chucky or Tiffany. It was refreshing in 2004's Seed of Chucky to watch this franchise's heart turn completely black and forever silence the "goody-goody" Andy-driven installments where everyone around him sans select outcast, teenage confidants (big shocker the films' target demographic are his only friends) are assholes or desperately emotional killjoys to Chucky's Murder Party. Andy after the original film was a wasted opportunity that I think this film finally understands with Nica- trapped in a mental institution with no one she can trust, Chucky begins to convince her that she should just let him kill anyone who does her wrong. Though, what nobody asked for was him applauding her doctor while he confesses having raped her while she was under hypnosis. But the gist of the film is finally, after almost 30 years, that the protagonists in these films don't have to be saints who go to such whiny, Who Cares lengths to save everyone around them even though they have almost no friends in these places. Child's Play 2 and 3 going so far as to force people who barely know Andy to risk their necks for him when it makes no sense for them to do so.

But, also, with movie #7 it's just time to let us like a few of these characters before they're killed off. That's why Bride and Seed of Chucky are the best films- in their brief stays of execution, I liked even the smallest of characters in those sequels. I don't want anyone to live here if there's a chance we'll get a decent death scene out of them. What we get instead is a more entertaining Chucky than we've seen since maybe Bride. Seed juggled a host of characters pretty well and Chucky wasn't the focus. 2 movies later, this is my favorite Chucky... perhaps of the franchise. I won't lie. Especially when he's arguing that he's actually there with a mentally ill woman- that's the kind of button-pushing this very gutsy franchise does well. I got the icks early when we meet a gay nurse and he's The Most Noble, Courageous Soul in the World, you just want to ram a jar of tongue depressors down his throat. He gets it way too late for me to do a happy dance, instead the Angry Asian Woman wins the Too Early kill raffle. Yes, she was annoying too but nobody asked her to be the most pointlessly judgmental character in the franchise. What the hell does she care who's being committed for what? She could have been a half-decent character but she doesn't have a wheelchair-bound husband like the insufferable gay nurse.

This is a step above Curse of Chucky by mid-movie, especially seeing Jennifer Tilly and Hot 30-Something Alex Vincent come back. (With all the grating talk about the cast of Stranger Things being sexualized on social media, I thought it only fair to wait 'til he was bearded up, punching people, and living on his own in a cabin in the woods to find him hot.) (He's older than me, you idiots- get your mind out of the gutter!) (By the way, I thought he quit acting...) But it still could have been better. For one, we had to wait entirely too long for Adam Hurtig in a tank top. I'll hold out hope that Cult of Tiffany will be The Chucky Movie I've truly been waiting for. (Seriously, are they ever going to bring back Andy's friends from parts 2 and 3? I don't care if they have to recast. If each of these movies is going to be a big ol' reunion, this is my demand.)

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