Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★

Okay, this is just silly now.

Granted- I still enjoyed it quite a bit. But I'm having a much harder time listing off its net positives without a heavy Silliness Filter.

And I seriously wonder what it was all about exactly. Not what you're thinking- the part where a black man is ruling the resistance to President Dr. Loomis yet he is also the villain. And all women wind up pitted against him and his rule of Post-Duke NYC. Way too much crap violence against women. Crap Violence, like: the kind you can't do anything with. (Or, Craps Violence like gambling.) It's here, women are here, women being here is this movie's target practice. Not a good look, unless you didn't catch it the first time you watched the movie. And it's less forgivably silly when it's rape and super-brutality oriented versus scenes with men being shot by silencer-clad weapons and silently impaled during wrestling matches.

The people with all the cruel deaths are women or black men.

It's a little harder to see this as art, though I'll likely always regard Carpenter as an artist. Suddenly, it feels a lot like an arty quick-cash grab attempt. Hit and run filmmaking. Potato Chip Cinema. Though if anyone has any links to any interesting theories to the contrary- I'd love to read, hear them.

Oh, and... Tom Atkins is so dreamy here. That's it I guess.

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