The Babadook ★★½

Horror of 2014 / Horror of the 2010's

Stitched together from so many different pieces (this list forgot to include The Others, Nosferatu, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Phantom of the Opera, The Grudge, Jeepers Creepers), that it itself is completely identity confused. It's so focused on genre, that it now can't be read as a story. These are not characters, they are funnels from which movie references are poured into. And, while I might have been in the mood for this under normal circumstances... I kind of needed this often hysterically funny movie to be sober. I got enough riffs out of Oculus. I didn't want an encore.

Nor did I need a logic-deprived documentary on children being awful. I'm the guy who hates children. Movies are not supposed to reinforce that hatred, they're supposed to defy it.

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