Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

Well, Mr. Lynch. I hope you're fucking proud of yourself!

Instead of getting to rave about how much I loved your movie, and how perfect it almost was, and how much I laughed and smiled throughout most of it, until it turned to bullshit in the last 3 or so minutes, you had to go and do something completely idiotic and insert aggressive and irredeemable homophobia into your film.

See, I know it was racist and sexist before that. But, you see, and I REALLY intended for my profile to reflect both this and the futility of my knowing I can't bypass it with a flick of the limp wrist, I have cis white male blinders on. I can talk gay (because I am) and lust after all the men I think will make a difference but it won't. It's a bigot's world and it always will be. And in that bigot's world, people can't keep letting things go. It really gets to you after awhile. (To me, at least.) I hate feeling like I'm letting feminists and trans people down by loving Roman Polanski's and Woody Allen's films despite what horrible people they are or have been in the past. By not being as skeptical as others are of Tim Burton and Brian De Palma. By letting the Lynch's and Tarantino's off the hook because some part of me felt they were just children at heart.

If we want anything to change, we have to start telling people to grow up. The bullshit mistakes in this film shouldn't have been made. Lynch was old enough when he made this to have known better.

As for giving this film a HEART, I did it because there is no equal symbol for hate. I loved the film until I hated it and the film is still squarely in the fucking wrong. This needs some marker of the effort I put into trying to salvage it. It was damn near the director's finest work until that last scene. Or, maybe the entirely unnecessary and LOOONG scene with Dafoe threatening to rape Dern. A good test to see if that scene isn't right for your movie? Ask if it would be okay for him to be doing this to a man. Would it be okay then? No? Then, cut it.

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