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    I am love. 


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    Saw 3D


    viva la saw

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Ok FINE I’ll bite: a whiny movie made by a whiny little baby whose main goal was to sneak in one last cry for attention before being washed away by time. A film for people (but mostly film people) who believe cinema was born in America and will die in its hands; more egregiously takes the easy way out by inserting the Manson family as a last-minute punching bag. So passive in its conversation that it almost becomes offensive—scratch that,…

  • Roma



    remained mostly indifferent up until the point that Cuaron decided to narrativize the corpus christi massacre as some cheap pop-spectacle inconvenience to further strongarm the audience's emotional response. writing off this v important piece of history is highly suggestive of the authorial intent here; plain and simple, this is basically 2018's version of forrest gump. beyond deplorable

    the only silver lining is that it momentarily reinvigorated my interest in Lav Diaz