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  • Social Genocide

    Social Genocide


    Wrote a short piece on the importance of Solanas' presence in the latter half of his career as a documentarian and activist for the launch of FREE THE CINEMA! Subscribe and you'll receive a new issue of the newsletter monthly, featuring anywhere from 3-5 programs of free-to-view films, with writing and resources for all. Think some of you will find some value in it:

    Last year’s tragic passing of Fernando Ezequiel “Pino” Solanas not only reinvigorated interest into his cinematic…

  • The Sarah Vaccine

    The Sarah Vaccine


    The only person that could possibly make me laugh in 2021

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  • Nomadland



    McDormand playing make-believe while also reveling in the righteous lifestyles of others would be the funniest thing imaginable were it not for the fact that it's also the most sinister idea ever conceived. Finds the most painfully obvious disconnect between the Academy and current day subject matter and doubles down without shame. Deeply unpleasant, a film of our times indeed.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Ok FINE I’ll bite: a whiny movie made by a whiny little baby whose main goal was to sneak in one last cry for attention before being washed away by time. A film for people (but mostly film people) who believe cinema was born in America and will die in its hands; more egregiously takes the easy way out by inserting the Manson family as a last-minute punching bag. So passive in its conversation that it almost becomes offensive—scratch that,…