Social Genocide

Social Genocide ★★★★½

Wrote a short piece on the importance of Solanas' presence in the latter half of his career as a documentarian and activist for the launch of FREE THE CINEMA! Subscribe and you'll receive a new issue of the newsletter monthly, featuring anywhere from 3-5 programs of free-to-view films, with writing and resources for all. Think some of you will find some value in it:

Last year’s tragic passing of Fernando Ezequiel “Pino” Solanas not only reinvigorated interest into his cinematic oeuvre, but also into the expansive legacy as a life-long activist, writer, politician, and revolutionary. In 1968, next to Octavio Getino, he collaborated to create what would become recognized as the seminal work of his career--the colossal, three-part tour de force of anti-colonial cinema, La Hora de los Hornos. Which was subsequently followed by their manifesto, Toward a Third Cinema. Together they inspired a wave of previously unseen radical change not only for the screen but also, for what was, a region under multiple far-right dictatorships. Argentina laid in shambles as the military junta seized control, exiling the nation’s leader Juan Perón and his followers (including Solanas himself). Hopefully this meager preamble won’t be considered too offensive of butchering of history, as it is intended only to establish the historical environment for what would affect the later stages of Solanas’ career in the arts. His projects in narrative fiction, which was dictated by struggles in exile and wavering financial support, were met with mixed attention from the critical and public sphere...

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