Cruella ★★★

Double feature with The Devil Wears Prada

A self-described fashion riot. Opens on a needle drop and a moment of sheer ridiculousness, establishing a distinct rhythm while combining the two into its own bizarre and campy cinematic language. It's not perfect, but I fucking love it. Like its title character, Cruella is so confident that it’s hard not to be won over by the film’s bravado. 

This is a Disney Princess tragedy that evolves into The Devil Wears Prada and a Mean Girls-like revenge fantasy, supplementing style for psychological warfare. Unlike The Devil Wears Prada’s protagonist, however, Estella respects fashion from the beginning and doesn’t need to be taught how to. There’s also no forced or unnecessary romance! 

Fashion in Cruella becomes high art, a dangerous weapon, a disguise, an act of rebellion, a strong superpower, and an undeniable force of self-expression. There are fashion heists! Fashion literally saves lives! Fashion is everything, darling!

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