Tenet ★★★★

Transcendent of its glaring flaws, like a Bond movie’s thrilling head-on collision into convoluted physics and wonky philosophy. Characters speak in Nothing But Exposition Dumps, and they’re often not sketched out beyond basic ciphers. And yet somehow, in a nearly Suspirian manner, this subpar writing (at least as it extends towards characterization) becomes a strength or a feature of Tenet’s goofy world rather than detracting from the unique experience.

And let me be the first to announce, as someone firmly neutral on Nolan’s work, that this is (shockingly?) never boring, and the sound mixing isn’t bad. Debicki’s treatment is frankly annoying and Pattinson might be the only character with a semblance of charisma. But with that being said, Nolan’s Infamous Woman Problem (on full display here, as usual!) seems to stem from his obvious weaknesses as a writer, particularly as it comes to giving any of his character’s personalities? (At least some of the jokes are cute!) Unlike say, the Batman trilogy, however, every fight scene in this dazzles with immaculate choreography, weight, tension, and wonderfully legible direction that never obscures a brutal punch or breathtaking effects. Truly shocked by how much I loved this.

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