Lady and the Tramp ★★½

Lady and the Tramp seems like such a classic that I should have seen it before, but I had only seen little bits and pieces of it. The story follows a little cocker spaniel dog, Lady, who's been loved by her owner ever since they got her. Then Darling and Jim Dear have a baby! Lady is now neglected, but finds comfort in her fellow dogs. One dog in particular, the bad boy, but good-hearted Tramp.

I think this film is lovely, it is cute, the music is nice, but I actually found it quite boring. The gender stereotypes are so strong too, I do not like that. Lady is charming and adorable, but they speak of her being "delicate" and she is shy and very goody-goody. It is clear that the film was made in 1955. But still, I do not like that this film, as well as oh so many others, portray the lovely little innocent pretty girl and the rough, adventurous, strong, brave bad-boy.
There were funny parts though, like the Scottish dog and the Russian dog, who was a philosopher. Also the Italian chefs/singers are classics.

Every year at Christmas they show the spaghetti scene and I think that's enough for me.