The Shallows ★★★★½

After having seen this after having seen 47 meters down, I have to say that there are great shark movies and these 2 (and obviously jaws) are great movies in general!
I prefer this a little over 47 meters down, but after seeing this I have decided to bump 47 meters down up to a 4 from a 3.5.
This one I prefer over 47 meters, mostly because of how satisfying the 3rd act of this one is and I still love the hallucination scene from 47 meters, but the intense shark scenes in this are better overall. No disrespect tho.

I've heard a lot of things about the director, but I've heard that house of wax is great (I've also heard it was shit) and I really need to see that now!
47 meters down director did the strangers: prey at night this year and holy fuck I wanna see that and haven't even seen the strangers. 
I love piranha 3D, not as much as this, but they're both satisfying beach movies with deadly fish in them!
I need to see the original piranha still tho.
The scenes on the buoy in this are some intense shit and really got my heart pounding and sharks are just freaky af and just badass! The lead in this is better than the 2 leads from 47 meters down imo, but they're pretty good tho. 
Carlos is fucking great in the beginning and end of this movie and he's a great secondary character!
The family dynamic of this is strong and I love the ending of this involving them!

The shark is trying to kill her (obviously) and it was super duper close, but got smashed against some underwater spikes and in 47 meters down the shark(s) didn't die so this is kind of a revenge movie which adds on to what it already is which is great!
I feel like I haven't done 47 meters down justice in this review so read my review of that if you want to hear good things about that.

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