The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★½

I've seen scenes and ik everything that happens in the strangers, haven't seen it all the way through, but this sequel is better in every aspect then the strangers. The direction in this, just like in 47 meters down, is phenomenal and I'm looking forward to seeing other movies by Johannes Roberts especially after seeing this! 

This movie is pretty damn ballsy I have to say, SPOILERS 

Less than halfway they kill off the biggest name actor in this movie, Christina Hendricks... was not expecting that, tho I figured she'd die to get a body count I didn't think it'd be so fucking early! They kill off the dad next, the man in the mask stabs him with an ice pick/ screw driver and it's pretty gory, but he was already fucked before his creepy ass entered the vehicle tho. 

The pool scene... was fucking fantastic, as i said earlier, it was directed incredibly well and the production design of that scene was fucking gorgeous, lights and tropical trees shining into a cool blue pool at night really works in this movie... and the events that happen in that scene are great! The brother kills pin up girl easily, like really fucking easily... he whacks her with a bat and then tries taking off her mask, doesn't take it off, but then she freaks tf out and he stabs her with her own knife, A LOT, and then fucking taunts the man in the mask. That was a bad idea I'd have to say... the man in the mask proceeds to chase him with an axe moving pretty quickly for horror standards and causes him to fall into the pool. So basically the brother fights off the man in the mask pretty well until the knife falls out of his hand and then he's running (in water) and the man in the mask creeps up behind him and stabs him in the back (quit being dirty minded) and he bleeds a lot into the pool before his sister arrives and takes him out of the pool. She is forced to leave him and is being chased by doll face and the man in the mask. So she called the police prior to being chased and a cop arrives, young dude, probably new... and you see doll face creep up behind him and slit his throat and he bleeds all over her and is choking and shit before she gets in his police car. Doll face is outside (with the keys) and dangles those keys in front of her like "haha bitch you're screwed" and well I mean she's trapped, but there's a shotgun in there and doll face starts slashing her arms and hands up before Kenzie blasts her with the shotgun. Kenzie takes off her mask and asks her "why are you doing this" to which doll face replies "why not?" Why fucking not holy fuck when she said that I got some fucking goosebumps! Then in a wide shot, Kenzie blasts that bitch away before the man in the mask shows up. This dude is fucking badass from his mask to his axe to his fucking unkillable ass. Kenzie tries driving away, but the man in the mask slams into her and the car is fucked up. He keeps ramming her until she crawls out and gets up. Now in the first 3rd of the movie, she was smoking and had a lot of teenage angst, but gets better thank god, but has us flowing everywhere and she whips out that lighter and (she doesn't actually say this) is like "haha bitch I win" and throws the lit lighter onto the gas and blows both vehicles up. Now that doesn't kill the man in the mask... he keeps driving the truck and she runs tf away and makes it to the bridge at the edge of gadlin lake or wherever they're at and he's still driving behind her (slow af) and the truck stops and he gets out, gets on his knees and pulls out a shard of metal or something sharp out of his stomach and falls over... lame. A mom and her son are driving by in a pickup truck and stops and as Kenzie walks over to the mom, she freaks out and surprise the man in the mask is after her and in an homage to the Texas chainsaw massacre and terminator 2, Kenzie gets in the back of the pickup truck and the man in the mask grabs onto the back and starts swinging his axe at her, but she has the bat still and smashed the left half of his face with the bat and he falls out of the truck and is 'dead'. Her brother is alive as is she and you're wondering where this movie is going until she is standing there with her brother laying down and then hears the knock and screams and the movie ends.

Great fucking ending and has a satisfying intense 3rd act!
I was surprised at how many people died and didn't think that they'd kill off at least 2 of the strangers, but I'm glad they did. Also they didn't use the bullshit "based on a true story" horseshit that I fucking hate. 
No offense tcm.
There's a lot of blood and this is a hard r and I'm glad that there's no nudity in it, there didn't need to be any. 

The 4 members of the family are all likable, and when the 2 of them die and when the brother is stabbed I felt pretty fucking sad. Kenzie is a great character and she had the perfect blend of badass teen and angsty teen. 
Once the family gets to the trailer park, the movie doesn't let up at all and leaves and ambiguous ending that was perfect. Pretty ominous movie that isn't scary, but didn't need to be with his heart pumping it is. 
The 21st century has some great 9/10 horror movies like for example this and it follows, but also the shallows and some other great movies. The descent as well just to name a few off the top of my head. I'm sure some people I'm following love the first strangers movie, but this is the one I'll see many times and idefk if I'll watch the first one all the way through. Respect your opinion tho. 
Also, wrapping this up, the music is a hella lot like the fog and I'm not the first person who brought this up, but the song (idk the title) in the pool scene was perfection.

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