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  • The Bodyguard

    The Bodyguard

    I thought I was lacking some kind of cultural knowledge since I hadn´t ever seen this movie before and people usually speak about it well. So, I decided to sit down, watch the film and enjoy that 90s classic. Over two hours later all I can say is: I want my time back!

    This love story is so amazingly dreadful, it´s amazing that I got through it. I don´t mind either Kevin Costner or Whitney Houston, but there was so…

  • Dear Zindagi

    Dear Zindagi


    This is an incredible film. Now, I am not the one to start crying when watching a movie but I had tears streaming down my face. If you know Bollywood or not, you should check out this novie. It's like a mini- healing session. Also, SRK has no idea he took on this role.

Popular reviews

  • I Love You Again

    I Love You Again


    No matter how many times I watch and rewatch Powell/Loy movies, their chemistry on screen never ceases to amaze me. It´s nothing but pure magic. Never before and never again have I seen a Hollywood screen couple like that.

    After a period of not watching old Hollywood movies, this was the first one and I immediately was caught again. The movies is amazingly cute, very funny and of course there are the two protagonists. A perfect show-case of how a…

  • Marjorie Morningstar

    Marjorie Morningstar


    I was interested in watching this film as it was the one, which allowed Natalie Wood to move from innocent roles where she was still regarded as a child to more mature roles. The theme and the plot line of the story sounded interesting, as well - something where you can really show off the depth of your acting talent.

    And I stick to the fact that the story is actually good. The supporting cast is very good, especially Ed…