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  • Europa
  • Halloween
  • Body Double
  • Rolling Thunder

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  • Tales from the Hood


  • Dementia

  • Intruder


  • Down and Dirty Duck


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  • Walker



    A movie about The Devil, capital-d.

  • Southland Tales

    Southland Tales


    The real Inherent Vice. Strange Days + 10 years. The history of film bleeds into the history of America in a way that is unavoidable and deeply unpleasant.

Popular reviews

  • All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory Live

    All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory Live


    I suppose it represents a step forward that e-sports can produce just as fluffy and self-congratulatory a documentary as any established sport.

  • Queen of the Desert

    Queen of the Desert


    Many adjectives can be used to describe Werner Herzog's work-- raw, powerful, excruciating, boring. The one I would never expect is "conventional". Yet that is exactly what Herzog delivers in Queen of the Desert, an adaptation of Gertrude Bell, the female 'Lawrence of Arabia''s, life. Nicole Kidman stars as Bell, a British gentlewoman traversing the desert and combating both hostile Bedouins and the British government. On the way, she engages in two doomed romances-- the first with Henry Cadogan, played…