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  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    The movie worked even better than expected. The musical was big and operatic on stage. By a camera closing in on the people and phrasing that would be impossible in another medium, it feels like the director did a lot with the opportunities.

    The exception is Russel Crowe that are unable to carry some of my favorite musical moments. He feels uncertain when he needs to show conviction.

    Hugh Jackman on the other hand is very good. He is both going deep into the role and singing a couple of the songs exceptionally well (especially the falsetto aria on the barricade).

  • Another Earth

    Another Earth


    I really like the way a lot of movies the last few years have used science fiction in more subtle ways. In Another Earth the core of the plot is about people that feel regret and guilt. This is mirrored in a mirror Earth that approaches our planet, where people lives their lifes in similar ways, but sith slighly different outcomes. The focus in on two people in our world, the possibilities on the other earth only adds an extra…

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  • Amour



    I really prefer Haneke in his more subtle mood. Of course it is harrowing to see somebody loosing themself in old age and illness, especially how people around the couple react, but it never becomes melodramatic and there are small touches of light inbetween that makes it possible to understand the central relationship.