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  • The Jackal

    The Jackal

    Ridiculous as a remake of the Zinnemann film. Solid, but not really good in its own either, tension never building up effectively, wanting to give both protagonist and antagonist equal screen time and story weight. Best thing are the disguises of the Jackal and the production goofs - Helicopter number changing from 28 to 29 in midair, Willis and Gere meeting in the yacht harbour both blinded by the sun despite standing opposite to each other, disappearing bloodstains/scars...

  • Soundgarden: [2014] Lollapalooza Brazil

    Soundgarden: [2014] Lollapalooza Brazil

    "heaven sent hell away no one sings like you any more"

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  • Infernal Affairs

    Infernal Affairs


    Rewatching this after some eight or nine years, it gives a completely new impression and for me in fact now easily ranks as one of the best HK films ever.
    Maybe it was totally wrong to see this film as a successor to the classic HK "heroic bloodshed" genre, the first "shootout" in this character driven study of two akin minds taking place just after an hour running time, and then it isn't a "real" shootout. So if you are…

  • Harakiri



    The deconstruction of a myth, and one of the most rigorously composed films ever.