Angels & Demons ★★★

Serviceable entertainment with a fairly interesting plot that provides a morsel of thematic depth and a glimpse into the workings of the Vatican, but the film is ultimately inferior to "The Da Vinci Code". The puzzle-solving aspect of the movie feels rushed and is unsatisfying, failing to create a real sense of mystery. Inelegantly delivered exposition. There are a few exciting and viscerally effective sequences, the most notable of which is the film’s unexpectedly affecting climax. Accomplished cinematography, great location work, and impressively constructed sets, featuring some of Rome’s historical sites and making me want to visit the city again (I was there in November 1999). Powerful and atmospheric score. Tom Hanks gives an adequate but rather uninspired performance as Robert Langdon, the protagonist; at his side, Ayelet Zurer has little to do; Ewan McGregor’s performance turns out to be the acting highlight of the movie; Stellan Skarsgård and Armin Mueller-Stahl make the most of their roles. Directed by Ron Howard. Based on the novel "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown.