Capote ★★★★★

This movie is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s movie, no doubt about that. It is a character-driven movie if ever there was one, so clearly Hoffman’s acting is paramount to the movie. Fortunately, he is fantastic as Truman Capote and definitely deserved the Best Actor Oscar. I didn’t know anything about Truman Capote before I saw this movie and therefore can’t comment on the accuracy of Hoffman’s portrayal of the real Capote, but what I can say is that the movie’s Capote feels genuine throughout. If one does not know that Capote was a real person, it would not have been difficult to write him off as a movie character because of his personality and special voice—these may be construed as artificial traits ascribed to a movie character—but even then Hoffman’s performance would have been completely convincing.

"Capote" is a quiet movie that requires concentration on the part of the viewer in order for it to be fully enjoyed. I found the movie to be very engaging and intellectually rewarding, and it really resonated with me.