Changeling ★★★★½

Here is an enthralling, dramatic, suspenseful, disturbing, and emotionally powerful film. Clint Eastwood once again proves what a magnificent director he is, being fully in command of the proceedings and allowing the story to unfold at an appropriately leisurely pace.

"Changeling" works really well on almost all levels. The movie suffers from a few overly melodramatic moments and several false endings. Also, it loses steam during the court scenes, which do not gel completely with the rest of the material in terms of narrative energy and tone.

The excellent cinematography features beautifully desaturated colors, and the period details are impeccably captured by an equally excellent production design. At times, the look and feel of this film is reminiscent of that of "Capote".

Top-notch cast. Angelina Jolie is fantastic, brilliantly portraying Christine Collins, the lead character, with subdued intensity and enormous sympathy. Solid acting by John Malkovich as Reverend Gustav Briegleb. Jason Butler Harner hauntingly plays Gordon Northcott. Eddie Alderson gives a noteworthy performance in the role of Sanford Clark.