Children of Men ★★★★★

What makes this movie so great is not the excellent acting, the wonderful cinematography, the long takes, the riveting and suspenseful action-thriller elements, or the thought-provoking themes, although these things of course contribute to the greatness of the movie. No, what makes "Children of Men" so great and special is the state it puts the viewer in. The gloominess and despair seep relentlessly through the screen and into the viewer until near the end when—in the most powerful scene in the movie—a glimmer of hope can be seen.

The movie features a believable and convincing future society, and the attention to detail is great. I have read a few comments saying that certain things in the movie do not make sense, but nothing in it strikes me as obviously nonsensical. I think everything works on all levels within the context and scope of the movie.

"Children of Men" really got to me and affected me, and is a movie not to be missed. This is one of the movies I have only seen on DVD but wish I had seen on the big screen.