Cold Mountain ★★★½

The movie features beautiful cinematography with stunning landscapes and some impressive scenes. "Cold Mountain" is one of those movies that are more about journeys than destinations, and, for the most part, the journeys—both physical and mental—portrayed in this movie are interesting and hold the viewer’s attention throughout the movie.

The cast does a good job, with Renée Zellweger giving the best performance as Ruby Thewes, a practical woman who knows what she wants and more or less takes charge of the chores at the farm. Unfortunately, the love story between Jude Law’s Inman and Nicole Kidman’s Ada Monroe, the central theme of the movie, struck me as somewhat unconvincing. It is also worth mentioning that the supporting characters are colorful and enjoyable in their own right.

"Cold Mountain" may be a bit too long, and even though I have some issues with it as a whole, there are enough laudable parts to make the movie worthwhile.