Eagle Eye ★★

Directed by D.J. Caruso and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, "Eagle Eye" is a slick and—at least initially—moderately effective action thriller, but the exciting and thought-provoking story elements are overshadowed by the preposterousness of the plot, action sequences that serve themselves rather than the story, and the gradual realization that this has been done much better and more intelligently before. The ending feels tacked on and unnecessary, and it weakens the film considerably. Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan give adequate but not particularly noteworthy performances in the lead roles, although LaBeouf has a few emotional scenes early in the movie; Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Chiklis are quite good in supporting roles as an FBI agent and the U.S. Secretary of Defense, respectively, and they add some weight to the proceedings; the voice of an uncredited Julianne Moore plays an important role.