Everlasting Moments ★★★★½

Compelling, impeccably crafted, and mesmerizingly beautiful film that weaves together several different themes, including life in Sweden in the early 1900s and the power of photography. Maria Heiskanen is nothing short of brilliant in the role of Maria Larsson; as her husband Sigfrid, Mikael Persbrandt dominates every scene he is in and shows what a great, capable actor he can be when given the right material to work with; Jesper Christensen and Maria Lundqvist are noteworthy in supporting roles as Sebastian Pedersen and Miss Petrén, respectively. Jan Troell’s direction is assured and elegant. Exquisite cinematography and unmistakable attention to detail. There is a voice-over, but it is used sparingly and works well, complementing the movie rather than dominating it.