I, Robot ★★★★

Yesterday I saw "I, Robot". It is a great science fiction movie and I enjoyed seeing it. "I, Robot" is a movie that succeeds in combining action with brains without putting too much emphasis on either. Since I am interested in philosophy I especially liked that issues concerning robots having emotions, being genuinely conscious, etc., were part of the story, although they were not dealt with extensively.

The story was pretty much what I had expected, and the acting was generally good. I was glad to see that the relationship between Will Smith’s character Del Spooner and Bridget Moynahan’s character Susan Calvin did not develop into a romantic one. It is difficult not to like Sonny, a special robot with a special character, and even though he—just like Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings"—is a CGI character, he feels almost as alive as Gollum does.

"I, Robot" is an almost perfect summer movie that has all the necessary ingredients, and it is well worth seeing.