Johan Falk: GSI - Gruppen för särskilda insatser ★★

Passable but mostly forgettable Swedish cop movie with a couple of scenes of sudden violence of a kind not often seen in the genre. The action sequences are effective enough; the dialogue is flat and sometimes sounds forced. While the film contains some contrived elements and coincidences, it also raises but does not satisfyingly explore issues concerning how the police work and the relationship between the police and their informants. Jakob Eklund’s lead performance is lackluster; the talented, charismatic Joel Kinnaman gives a nuanced performance as the conflicted Frank Wagner, the only interesting character in the movie, that makes him the best thing about "Johan Falk: Special Operation"; an unconventional choice, comedian Mikael Tornving is fairly convincing and does not seem out of place in the role of Patrik, the team leader. Straightforwardly and, for the most part, unremarkably directed by Anders Nilsson.