Little Fockers ★½

Admittedly, I did chuckle a number of times while watching "Little Fockers", but the movie is nevertheless far from being a good comedy, let alone a good film. The plot—what little there is of it—mostly serves as a lame excuse to round up the gang one more time, for old times’ sake. Director Paul Weitz should not be the first person to be blamed for the poor end result, considering what he has to work with.

The humor derived from the name of one of the main characters works relatively well in "Meet the Parents". This time around, however, “Gaylord Focker” and various not-so-clever references to that character’s family name—the one that comes to mind is “the Godfocker”—simply aren’t funny; instead, they are on the verge of making the viewer cringe. And the puke joke is as unfunny as they come. The best moments of comedy involve other things and situations, one example being an amusing "Jaws"-inspired scene.

The cast includes Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, and Barbra Streisand, but none of them delivers a performance that makes any kind of impression. The acting is perfunctory and uninspired. One wonders whether the problem lies with John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey’s script or whether the aforementioned actors can’t do better than this nowadays; a combination of both, perhaps, but definitely more the former than the latter.

(The “Swedish” title makes little sense to me. I have no idea why “Meet the Parents” has been added to the original title, especially when the previous two installments were given properly translated, fairly creative Swedish titles.)