Lord of War ★★★★½

Already as I was watching the very cool opening sequence of the movie, where the viewer gets to follow the life of a bullet, I got the feeling that this would be a movie that I would really like. Turns out that feeling was correct.

"Lord of War" is highly entertaining at the same time as it gives an interesting look into the life of an arms dealer. And what a look: the visuals are terrific. The movie has a message, but it does not force the message on the viewer and never becomes preachy. The story is believable and manages to hold the viewer’s attention from beginning to end, and Nicolas Cage is perfectly cast as the arms dealer Yuri Orlov. Regardless of how realistic the facts of the movie are, it is definitely worth seeing.

Those of you who haven’t seen the movie and, just like I did, wonder about the movie’s title will find out about it once you watch the movie. I will not tell you from where the title comes, but suffice it to say that when I found out the answer it was clear to me that they probably could not have chosen a better title for this movie.