Rallybrudar ★★★

An enjoyable Swedish feel-good film with a fairly high entertainment value, "Rally Girls" contains many funny and some very funny moments, and it is populated by believable characters (even the quirky ones). There are clichés and standard ingredients, but they are compensated for by the film’s more serious undercurrents. Eva Röse and Marie Robertson are very good in the lead roles, and Maria Lundqvist’s great performance gives her character unusual depth. The time period (Värmland, Sweden, in the 1960s) is nicely captured, giving the film an authentic feel, and the cinematography is bright and colorful. There are two obvious product placements—Pucko and Ahlgrens bilar—but they are organically included in the film and therefore not distracting. Keep an eye out for an unnaturally big full moon in one scene.