Så olika ★★

While this film has its funny and dramatic moments, it lacks compelling characters—a few of them are at least somewhat likeable, however—and rarely succeeds in engaging the viewer. The movie ends in a way that is damagingly pat, with things working out unrealistically well for pretty much everyone. Even though "So Different" ends up being a largely forgettable motion picture, the wedding scene toward the end is memorable and amusingly surprising because it features the film’s most unexpected couple.

The lion’s share of the blame for the negative qualities of the movie lies not with Helena Bergström’s directorial choices but can be attributed to the flimsy screenplay, written by Bergström and Tove Alsterdal. People’s similarities, differences, and relationships provide a potentially rich and interesting topic suitable for cinematic exploration, but "So Different" does not have much to offer in terms of originality and insight.

Anna Ulrika Ericsson, Johan Widerberg, and Rolf Lassgård stand out positively among the ensemble cast for making their characters Sanna Lövdahl, Kristian, and Martin Larsson, respectively, rise above blandness. At the other end of the spectrum, Ingela Olsson is not exactly miscast in the role of Lotta Lövdahl, but something about her at times theatrically exaggerated performance rubs me the wrong way.